clarinet studio Christmas Party


This website is designed to provide easily accessible information about the University of Georgia Clarinet Studio. We are a group of students who attend UGA as music majors or minors with a focus on clarinet. No matter what we study, we are challenged to develop into mature clarinet players through the rigorous and thoughtful training of our talented faculty. The relationships that we build with each other as students are supportive and helpful. We build each other up in a family atmosphere. As a whole we take our clarinet studies seriously and professionally, and we hope that prospective members do the same. If you are interested in joining the UGA Clarinet Studio, there is a new opportunity to meet studio members as well as famous clarinet players. The first annual Clarinet Day at the University of Georgia is a day filled with clarinet masterclasses and performances by Juilliard graduates Jon Manasse and Dr. D Ray McClellan. You can find more details about Clarinet Day in the Clarinet Day section of this website. The event is open to any clarinet player who is seriously and sincerely interested in learning in a professional atmosphere.

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